CCGN Camera Setup

CCGN IP Camera Setup is a free desktop application for setting up the configurations of an IP camera. This tool automatically finds the IP cameras that are connected to the network. It views the live video and playback recordings from the card. The options are easy to understand and very detailed. Setting the camera is as easy as 123.




  1. Show the important information of the IP camera like the IP address, Firmware version, Device Serial Number and the Dserver connection.
  2. Registers the camera to the cloud management server.
  3. Configures the IP address, Port and NTP setup
  4. Changing the camera name
  5. Configures the Video settings like the frames per seconds, resolution and the bandwidth that the camera will be using.
  6. Controls the PTZ functions of the IP camera and creating prefabricated points which the PTZ camera should view.
  7. Configures Audio settings like the Microphone and Speaker volume.
  8. Configures the video recordings from the SD card and choose which format it should use.
  9. Configures Motion Detection and Alarms
  10. Can play and download playback recordings.