CCGN Active Surveillance Ever wonder why people get away with stealing, vandalizing, doing graffiti, and crime and not be convicted when of these unlawful acts happened with CCTV installed in the vicinity. Most of the time they only have the footage but they don’t catch the suspect who committed the crime. You only have insufficient and unclear evidence and it may take some time to prosecute the criminal in court. But why go through this long process when you can have a simple solution that works.

The Power of IVAST

IVAST stands for Integrated Video Alarm Surveillance Technology. This software is powerful and works well with CCGN surveillance systems. The power of this software lies on its capabilities. Here is a list of what its capabilities

  1. Faster Alarm response: CCGN IVAST alarm platform provides faster alarm notification and responsive actions faster because the alarm platform connects to IP Camera directly without going through the local NVR.
  2. Remote Pop out video under low bandwidth: CCGN IVAST connects to IP Camera directly and gets one independent video stream from IP cam. The structure allows the IP cams to be recorded at highest resolution and fps locally while giving “workable” pop out video quality over internet according to given bandwidth. It works under any given bandwidth and requires end users to invest a large amount in getting high bandwidth.
  3. Very user friendly platform: CCGN IVAST works with CCGN Cloud Central Management platform. Users do not require any IP address or DDNS of IP Camera to add cameras into CCGN IVAST. Only key in “username” and “password” that was registered and all the cameras under that username will be added.
  4. Comprehensive responsive actions: When CCGN IVAST detects alarm sources from IP Cameras, it gives a wide range of comprehensive responsive actions including audio alarm, key event audio alarm, video pop out, even log saving, SMS, recording, snapshots, and email, which can notify the guards immediately.
  5. Expandable to other security applications: Each of CCGN IP cams are equipped with DI/DO socket. With DI socket, users can connect external sensors such as fire, CO2, smoke, vibrations, and turns the entire CCGN IVAST to something more than just a surveillance security platform.
  6. Most reliable platform: It connects to the IP Camera directly to get alarm sources instead of the local NVR in each location. As a result, in the event the local NVR hangs up or shuts down due to some issues, the alarm platform does not get affected and the alarm platform will still be functional.

IVAST Main Interface

Image With Normal View.


Image With Assigned Areas For Motion Detection.


Applicable solutions

1. Construction site – after work hours to prevent vandalism/graffiti and stealing.

2. Refinery – can assign an alert on prohibited areas.

3. Museum – monitor a valuable artifact.

4. Banks -Vault safety monitoring

IVAST Snapshots Interface 112

Works well with all the CCGN IP cameras:

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