FAQ’s For IP Camera

How can I view the IP cams via browser and mobile devices?

You have to register the IP cameras on the CCGN cloud platform followed by port forwarding (NAT) setting (One camera has three ports). This simple process will allow you to view IP cams via browser and Android / iOS apps.

What is the max. bandwidth of an IP cam?

So far, the max. bandwidth of an IP cam is 6Mbps.

Why can I not use the BNC output?

Default of this function is closed,  this function can be enabled in the Setup.

Does BNC output of IP cam support both NTSC and PAL?

BNC output only supports NTSC because it is only used during installation, like checking angle view, etc.

What browsers can I use to have access to the Cloud-NVR? What media can I playback?

We currently support IE and Firefox. Media can be playbacked from SD-card, NAS, NB-server, Standalone NVR. The recordings of NVR-10 cannot be playbacked through Cloud-NVR.

Does the server manager know my password?

When the user forgets the password, the server manager can only change one new set of password since server manager will never know the user’s password.

Can Cloud Server manager have access to video from my IP cams?

No, users’ privacy is of vital importance. All IP cams and NVR transmit video to users’ devices (browser, PC, mobile devices,…) directly rather than delivering video via Cloud server. Cloud server only does handshaking (serves as a link).

How do I view the camera's live from an internet web link?

  1. From Browser: http://www.ccgn.net/login/  please install the plug-in that will appear when you login. Compatible browsers are Internet explorer and Mozilla.
  2. From smart phone: download CCGN IP Live from Android or iPhone.
  3. The login is ccgntestcam password passwordccgn
  4. Select Server: Server1

Can the IP camera work as a standalone device for monitoring?

Yes – Since it has an SD card built in it which can work as a standalone device.

Does the IP camera have a microphone to record audio?

Yes – and it can be enabled or disabled on the Camera Setup

What is the capacity of the SD Card that can be used for the IP camera?

128 Gb

Can 128 Gb of SD be enough to record surveillance video?

It depends on two conditions and what is set under the Frames per Seconds Settings and Resolution.

Does your IP cameras have night vision?

Yes – All our IP cameras have IR – or Infrared lights to view the area even if there are no light in the room.

Can we see a live view and playback a footage from the mobile app?

Yes – you can view live video feeds and playback recordings from the mobile app

Can we add a Siren or a trigger device to the IP camera for alert or alarm purposes?

Yes – The IP camera has a DO connection where you can plug in a trigger device that gets activated whenever there is motion detected in the area

Does the mobile app give push notifications?

Yes – This will show as notifications from your mobile phones whenever there is an alert of live motion triggers. Please note that the mobile app should be online and users should be logged in to the app.

Does the IP camera have POE (Power over Ethernet) feature?

Yes – there are 2 power sources you can choose from one is: from a 12V power adaptor and the second is via a POE switch.

Do you still need to configure the router’s port forwarding for the IP camera to be seen remotely on the internet?

NO – Since the cameras are registered from the cloud relay server it can handle the routing of data which makes it easy to setup.

Can SD card recordings be viewed from the Mobile App?

Yes – The mobile app has the capability to view video recordings from the NVR, SD card and from the Cloud Server.